Take two

10 August 2017

Residents of all ages are working to create a documentary showcasing what life is like in two roads in Bedford.

The Clubhouse project is supported by Bedford Creative Arts and gives residents in Chester and Carlisle Road the chance to document their lives, capturing what life’s like in their community over a year.

Working with artists Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou, the project has developed into a long-term community programme, created in collaboration with the residents.

The resident-led project is funded by People’s Health Trust, using money raised by HealthCourage through The Health Lottery.

The focal point for Clubhouse is a portable scaffold tower that acts as a pop-up creative space for new ideas and activities. For one afternoon a week, most weeks, families gather at the Clubhouse to engage in creative activity and develop ideas and new projects.

Through the project, people living in the area have the chance to develop their film-making, film editing and script-writing skills, as well as learning about special effects.

Alongside the film-making project residents are exploring new ideas around community and coming together in shared activities. Ideas for next spring include a walking group, a nature garden, and adult literacy classes. As the project develops residents will run more of their own community activities.

This summer, the residents are designing and developing a sports day event for the two roads, to be held at the end of the summer holidays. Led by the residents and working with artists, they will design and create the events and props, then stage and document the event.

Over the coming months, the artists and residents will continue to work together on the film, which they hope will be ready next year.


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