Strategic priorities

Welcome to our new three strategy 2019 - 2022. Our three new objectives place a clear emphasis on the Trust being in strong relationships. We will influence policy and decision-makers through local and national partnerships and very much welcome opportunities to form new partnerships.

  1. Creating good health locally

We will develop a new narrative on health, making clear links between the social determinants of health and health inequality, and we will develop tools to support funded partners and others to talk about the social determinants as critical elements of health. We will help create strong local environments and, as a result of our funding, projects will continually demonstrate how social connections support good health.  In places we fund, we will aim to support an increase in public and green spaces, for people to feel safer in their local environments and for local economies to be stronger.

  1. Working in partnership

Building on the work in our previous strategy, we will build on and develop new strong partnerships at a national and the local level, ensuring that there are joint approaches to addressing health inequalities and that resident-led approaches are recognised as critical.

We will work with our funded partners across our three funding programmes to support effective leadership and develop their influence to make change happen. We will do this through capacity building and by growing and developing our networks for both practitioners and residents.

  1. Being the best organisation we can be

We will ensure the relationships we have with partners are open and honest and that we capture and communicate learning effectively to support funded partners to be the best they can be. We commit to asking for ‘nothing more than we absolutely need’ from funded groups.

Finally, we will ensure we have a strong, diverse and skilled team in place and systems and structures to support and equip staff to deliver our plan. This objective also underpins all of our work by ensuring that the Trust is in good health financially. 

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