Invitation to tender - Survey Research

05 January 2021

People’s Health Trust is seeking research partners to conduct on-going survey research.


People’s Health Trust requires survey research that will help the Trust to understand the progress of its programmes by exploring the perspectives of both practitioners and residents, and to seek to develop insights from the synthesis of perspectives. Download the research survey brief

Specifically, the Trust would like to see the surveys:

  • Provide practitioner-based evidence about the progress of each programme from surveying project leads in relation to key elements of the theory of change
  • Provide resident-based evidence about the effects of participation in the Trust’s programmes with respect to comparison with nationally available data (e.g. Community Life survey / ONS wellbeing questions / Scottish and Welsh Household surveys to improve the evidence standard1)
  • Consider the three nations that the Trust is working in – England, Scotland and Wales and how Resident Survey questions can be tailored to each of these with respect to nationally available data, while retaining a core set of questions that offer comparisons across the whole dataset
  • Consider how waves of data collection can support longitudinal assessments of change
  • Employ a survey methodology and design that effectively enthuses and engages practitioners and residents to participate
  • Support cross-programme comparisons where possible
  • Add to the wider evidence base around the effectiveness of community empowerment programmes in addressing the social determinants of health and contribution to subsequent changes in health inequalities.

The contractors should also contribute to and participate in meetings and events with the Trust to share learning with internal and external stakeholders and indicate how they will use their own communication channels and networks to improve the visibility and reach of the research.

Proposals should be submitted by email on or before 12 noon Wednesday 27 January 2021. 

Any queries relating to this tender document to be received by Friday 8 January 2021. 

Download the research survey brief for more information and contact details.  



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