West Itchen Community Trust - A Local Conversation in St Mary's

20 November 2015

“This is great news for St Mary’s. I have lived in the area for eight years and to be asked what I think will make a difference is fantastic. This is exactly what we need; anything that helps improve the area should be celebrated.”

“St Mary’s is an inner city area where many ethnic communities have settled over the years. The community is fairly close-knit but with lots of issues that need to be addressed.

“Before the Local Conversation project, the glue that binds everyone together wasn’t here. Now people believe that local action is possible and understand that together we can take greater control of St Mary’s.

“The project is a chance for communities who may be different, but share the same principles of making St Mary’s a better place, to meet up and put the building blocks for change in place.

“We’re in the process of setting up a steering group and already people have come forward, which is unusual for St Mary’s.

“People want to see change in St Mary’s and it’s exciting that this is finally happening.”

Gulzar Sharif

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