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07 October 2021

The Fort Lowestoft is a hub for young people to meet and form friendships over a shared interest in gaming, computer programming, role playing and comic books.

Local People project in Southend, partnered with Scope, funded by People's Health Trust

05 November 2019

Disabled people face many barriers that can affect health including discrimination, access to employment and low pay.

The Local People project in West Norfolk, supported by Scope

01 November 2018

“Being more involved in my local community is what attracted me to the project initially.

Signpost - Sunshine Club

02 October 2017

"This was an opportunity to come along and meet likeminded people. Those that did come got a lot out of it."

25 September 2017

“It can be a struggle to learn English if you don’t have any support.

Signpost Colchester, a project funded by People's Health Trust

08 June 2017

Signpost in Colchester received funding from the Trust in August 2015 for a two-year project called Experience + Education = Employment that builds on an existing idea.

Local People project in Southend-on-Sea supported by Scope and funded by People's Health Trust

13 October 2016

“As part of the Local People project we hold regular meetings, which we like to call get-togethers.


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