Communities of interest

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A community of interest is a group of people who have shared experiences, characteristics or common interests and wish to come together to address issues that are important to them.

Some examples of communities of interest could be:

  • Young people with mental health issues from East Dundee who want to produce a magazine to raise awareness of and promote activities around mental health issues
  • Parents of children with autism from Pontypridd, who want to build upon an existing support group to create even stronger relationships with each other, and to promote local activities and share information
  • A group of women experiencing domestic violence in and around Newark who want to establish a safe peer support network to help them feel more confident
  • Young carers from north Wakefield, who feel isolated and want to expand upon the recreational activities available to them locally as a way to meet other young carers
  • A traveller community based in Kent which aims to address economic disadvantage by encouraging women to set up small businesses

It is important to note that we only support communities of interest which experience social and economic disadvantage.

If you are applying as a community of interest, please contact us and do not continue with the online application form. This is because the application process is slightly different for communities of interest.

You can either call us on 020 7749 9100, or request a call back and let us know when’s good for you and we’ll contact you then, or email us.

Our team of Grant Support Officers are available to support you from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.


You have already completed an application for funding, are you sure you would like to submit another application? You should only submit another application if it is for a different project. If you want to amend an application that has already been submitted, please call us on 020 7749 9100.

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