Types of organisations which are eligible to apply

The Active Communities programme will only award grants to the following types of organisations which have been set up for three months:

Incorporated organisations:

  • charity registered in England, Scotland or Wales
  • charitable incorporated organisation
  • company limited by guarantee
  • community interest company limited by guarantee (not shares)
  • charitable community benefit societies
  • community benefit societies with a charitable asset lock and clearly defined members

In line with good practice, incorporated organisations should have a minimum of three unrelated* trustees or directors.

Or unincorporated organisation/constituted community organisations:

You must be a constituted group or voluntary organisation or association with a social /charitable purpose and at least three unrelated* people aged over 18 on the management committee and have been running for at least three months.


The Active Communities programme will not award funds to companies limited by shares or Limited Liability Partnerships.

*Related means any family member whether a blood relative; or by marriage or civil partnership or by common-law. Directors, trustees or management committee members can be related but they must not form the majority on the Board or committee.