Find out more about the type of projects we do and don’t fund

We don’t fund:

  • Projects that aim solely to address specific health conditions, for example cancer, diabetes or stroke
  • Health promotion activities which aim to change behaviour, for example, lifestyle advice such as healthy eating or advice on nutrition, giving up smoking, losing weight and exercising more

We also don’t fund:

  • Projects where local people are not in control of the design and delivery of the project
  • Projects that do not bring people together regularly (weekly, fortnightly or monthly for at least one year)
  • Activities that include an intentionality to cause physical harm
  • Applications from individuals or that benefit just one individual
  • Community of Interest projects where the members live too far apart to meet up regularly in person. Online networks may be used to support projects but cannot be the only way that people get together.
  • Projects that offer mainly one-to-one support
  • Projects where a significant part of the grant will be passed to another organisation to deliver activities
  • Profit-making organisations, which includes all Limited Liability Partnerships and Companies Limited by Shares
  • Tax-funded projects, such as projects within the NHS, or projects for school-aged children in school time; projects which should be funded by public services
  • Activities which are political or religious in intention, practice or appearance
  • Activities already funded by another organisation
  • Projects that are part of a bigger project (our minimum contribution must be 50%)
  • Projects that have already happened
  • Loan repayments
  • Capital items only (e.g. equipment); you must include running costs
  • Capital items that are more than £15,000 in total
  • Contingency, evaluation or unspecified costs
  • Fundraising costs
  • Organisations that are non-compliant with their regulators (for example, Charity Commission, OSCR or Companies House) at the time of application. We will also not consider applications from organisations which have a significant history of non-compliance. We may take an exception if there are clear mitigating circumstances for your organisation's non-compliance.
  • Organisations that have been funded previously by People’s Health Trust and have a consistent record of non-compliance in the management of their grant.