We invest in people with great ideas to create fairer places to grow, live, work and age. We believe in funding ideas which are small and local and are genuinely designed and led by local people.

We run three main funding programmes:

Local Conversations - Most Local Conversations have been running since 2014 and the programme is no longer open for applications. Involves working together with the residents of a neighbourhood so that they can determine how the money is best spent. Find out more about Local Conversations.

Active Communities - Our funding programme open in different parts of Great Britain at different times. Funds great local ideas of between £5,000 and £40,000 for up to two years.

Homes for Health - Homes for Health, launched in November 2023, is a funding programme and collaboration between the Trust and experts from housing, community, and racial justice charities, delivering projects that respond to the growing problem of unfit private and social rented homes and their effects on tenants’ physical and mental health. Find out more about Homes for Health.

More about Active Communities funding.

We're looking for small and local projects, genuinely designed and run by local people. We offer funding of between £5,000 and £40,000 for projects lasting up to two years.

Your project should be for people who experience greater social and economic disadvantage than those living in other areas. It should create stronger connections between people by helping them to meet up regularly.

We support two types of project: neighbourhood-based projects (based in a small local area) and communities of interest (a group with shared identity or experiences). Find out more 'Who we fund'


You can apply for funding if:

  • your location is open for funding
  • you represent an eligible organisation
  • your project is a neighbourhood-based project or a community of interest

Find out more about what we do and don’t fund in our application guidance.

You can access data on our grants via 360 Giving.