The Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health is a five-year initiative, funded by the Health Foundation. People’s Health Trust is one of 11 founding members of the collaboration, which aims to take collective action on the social determinants of health.

The collaboration brings together organisations from across sectors to turn the tide on stalling life expectancy and widening health inequalities in the UK.

The collaboration aims to shape a new public conversation about how health and wellbeing are created, and influence national policy change to prioritise health. It is building the political and public buy-in, and the cross-sector action, necessary to translate existing evidence on the wider determinants into targeted national policy action.

Research will be published in 2022 which has informed the Collaboration’s work to date.

At the heart of the Collaboration’s vision is a society where people have the opportunities for good health wherever they are born, work and live.

Cathy Irving

Director of Communications, The Health Foundation

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