British Academy Social Integration Consultation

In April 2017, People's Health Trust worked with the groups it supports to contribute evidence about interventions and activities that improve social integration.

The British Academy social integration project  “If you could do one thing…” set out to examine successful integration projects drawing lessons  from clear evidence about methods that can improve integration and result in long term cohesion in  our society. 


The report 

This report, 10 Local actions to promote social integration, draws on the expertise and experience of academics and practitioners to suggest interventions which might be implemented at a local level by local councils, businesses or voluntary sector organisations to promote integration. 

Contributions cover a range of aspects of integration (language, education, employment, social relations and political behaviour), and the drivers of integration. The contributions cover integration issues both of long-standing communities, as well as those facing newly-arrived migrants including refugees, undocumented migrants and children. The collection includes local initiatives as well as projects based on social scientific research. 

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