Evaluation Case studies 

Art Town

28 November 2018

“Often, we have kids come to us saying that they don’t feel that they fit in at school, but when they come to Art Town, it really is a level playing field.

Mossblown Regeneration Group

07 November 2018

“We’ve all got the same interest at heart, which is to make a success of giving the community a space to use for activities.”

Horizon Church Sutton

21 August 2018

"We are using all we have learnt through running the Horizon Hub and are now targeting support for the w

Full House - Art Town

29 September 2017

“It’s not just a drama club, it’s about wanting to change local attitudes in the town about

Gorton Visual Arts Group - Rolling Programme

29 September 2017

The project engaged people experiencing isolation and vulnerability in Gorton, increasing their skills, confi

Hart Gables - T-Time

29 September 2017

Hart Gables is run by LGBT+ people, for LGBT+ people and plugs an identified gap in support, responding to lo

Home Truths - Reach-In Women

29 September 2017

"You don't feel anything but empathy and support from the other ladies in the group...


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