Evaluation case studies from our Active Communities programme

Women Sharing Cornwall, funded by People's Health Trust

03 July 2019

Women Sharing Cornwall is a self-help group for women in St Austell who are experiencing mental health issues.

Positive 4 Young People, funded by People's Health Trust

08 May 2019

“With those who are vulnerable, having the added confidence can spread at school and the community.” (Project staff)

Molokai Village case study

04 April 2019

“It’s helped me to improve my social networks, in terms of meeting people I didn’t know.

Marsh Farm Makeover funded by People's Health Trust with money raised through the Health Lottery in the South East

07 March 2019

Futures Community Voice is a group of local residents in Luton who come together to discuss issues and concerns about where they live and how they can improve the area.

10 January 2019

"There’s no pressure to catch up or keep up.

Art Town

28 November 2018

“Often, we have kids come to us saying that they don’t feel that they fit in at school, but when they come to Art Town, it really is a level playing field.

Mossblown Regeneration Group

07 November 2018

“We’ve all got the same interest at heart, which is to make a success of giving the community a space to use for activities.”


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