Evaluation Case studies 

Signpost - Sunshine Club.jpg

29 September 2017

"This was an opportunity to come along and meet likeminded people.

Blurton Community Hub - MS Mondays

29 September 2017

"I used to think, 'Is there any point in getting dressed?' This has given us a reason to get up

Third Age Project.jpg

29 September 2017

Third Age is a membership organisation that offers a huge selection of activities in North London to bring to

Brighton Permaculture Trust - Health Activity Days.jpg

29 September 2017

Local people are learning how to care for and plant fruit trees and give back to their local community by imp

Thrive - What Women Want.jpg

29 September 2017

What Women Want is a project offering women in Stockton-on-Tees informal peer support and employment help, de

Creative Futures - Queen's Park Families

29 September 2017

"It's not just about the children, it's about the parents getting to know each other, feeling we

Upperby Court Residents Association - Health for the Elderly.jpg

29 September 2017

Health for the Elderly is a project led by members of a residents' association in Carlisle, offering a va


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