Asha Neighbourhood Project

20 November 2015

"It has been a great opportunity to learn new skills and I believe it will open doors to employment for me. I have gained confidence through the scheme and believe that I can do a job in the future."

Members of the Asha Neighbourhood project

"There is a strong Bangladeshi community in Beeston, but until now there haven't been many opportunities for us women to get involved. A lot of us have felt cut off from the wider community and so we wanted to do something to help other women like us.

"The Prerona project has two strands. There is a group of women who are taking part in workshops to boost our confidence and learning skills such as mentoring and safeguarding. We are then going out into the community to visit older women in their homes, to help them around the house and spend time talking to them. It's great to feel that we are helping others and do something positive. It makes us feel better too."

Farzana Latif

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