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25 September 2017

“What we’ve found is that it’s often the small things that make the biggest difference – little steps, big change” Sunu Miah, project volunteer and football coach

“The Local Conversations programme is different. It’s all about local people deciding what their community needs, and working together to develop their own solutions – and,  to do that properly, takes time.

The project has given residents a space to share ideas and build relationships; It is great to see the whole community involved – they have control of its design, development and delivery.

From talking to the residents, it was clear that a lot of people who live here were concerned about anti-social behaviour and safety, and the local environment plays a big part in that, so it became one of our three main priorities, alongside jobs and money, and children and young people.

We now have lots of different initiatives that make up the Local Conversation and by bringing people of different ages, faiths and backgrounds together we are connecting residents who often have similar concerns but may not yet know one another. One of the initiatives saw school pupils making hanging baskets – they made nearly 80 in one day and sold them  on their street.

Because they were doing the whole street up with the baskets, some of the neighbours came up and bought their neighbours one and it carried on – the street is now full of hanging baskets and everyone is proud of it – it has transformed the street.

We are starting to see lasting change  in Lozells – the trick is listening to different voices and being inclusive.”

Shale Ahmed, resident  and project manager


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