Bangladesh Islamic Association

06 November 2014

“I used to go back to bed after dropping the kids at school, but now I want to come to the centre. I am gaining more experience and confidence and learning new skills, and I really like the social side.” Nusrat

After meeting up through the Bangladesh Islamic Association in Smethwick, Birmingham, Rehana and her friends have now decided to explore the benefits of skill sharing. Using funding from People’s Health Trust they meet up weekly to learn about small businesses, gaining the confidence to use their existing skills such as sewing to start their own enterprises.

“I want to set up a small business.  I know my lack of English limits me the most, but through the group we’re all helping each other. My dream is to improve my English and work as a child minder or in a nursery environment. I am very quiet and shy but through the project I am getting lots of encouragement and building my confidence. When I leave the class with all the other ladies we always say how much we are benefitting from learning together.” Rehana


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