Being paid the real Living Wage

10 November 2017

Helen Parry, 57, works as a Community Connector, engaging residents in the Local Conversation in Longbenton, North Tyneside. Helen gets paid the real Living Wage because Justice Prince CIC became a Living Wage employer two years ago

“I've lived on the estate all my life - I'm part of a massive family, and I know everyone.

I used to work in care homes for the minimum wage, unsure of shifts and hours. I loved working with older people but did not enjoy how I was treated.

Before I started working at Justice Prince, I volunteered because I was unemployed. I was having a really difficult time and relying on benefits – it got to the point where I nearly lost my home. I dread to think what would have happened if my brother didn’t help me out because I look after my grandson and granddaughter most of the time and they depend on me.

When I found out I would be paid the Living Wage, I jumped for joy. I really love my job, I help get everyone involved in things they think are important to them, and I am very grateful that I get paid the real Living Wage.

Without the real Living Wage, I’m not sure I would have kept my home. I feel like I have got my dignity back, and I feel happier.

Not only can I pay my bills now but I am able to save for holidays and treat my grandchildren. It was a great feeling being able to buy my daughter a new pram for her baby. It's the way it should be I feel proud to be able to help my kids and their kids.”

Helen Parry


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