Blackpool streets light up for the residents in Claremont

15 November 2013

Residents are making big changes in one of Blackpool’s most deprived areas

“We’re constantly looking at ways to deal with problems we face on a daily basis. Joanne, Resident of Claremont

Residents in Claremont were determined to make positive changes in their environment. They knew they could use the extraordinary community spirit in Claremont to make their neighbourhood even better. People’s Health Trust is supporting the residents of Claremont through the first ever Local Conversations grant. The funding to First Step community centre, based in Claremont, will support local people to decide how money raised through their local society lottery is prioritised in Claremont.  

The next step is to get the bigger picture. The funding will focus on 10 streets in Claremont. First Step wanted to find out what facilities residents were already using; current projects popular within the community; time people were willing to volunteer and what skills local people could contribute. The residents of Claremont are generously opening their doors, their biscuit barrels and above all, their ideas!

“We have already come up with many ideas that we think could make a difference and now it is about putting them into action”

What’s next? With a clearer insight on how to make their neighbourhood even better, First Step will sit down with the residents and together they will develop their detailed Area Plan to determine what the people of Claremont need most. If successful, Claremont will receive an investment from People’s Health Trust of up to £170k to bring the Area Plan to life.


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