The Centre Place

01 November 2018

“The driving force behind the project is the young people themselves.”

Through talking to the community, we identified their specific support needs weren’t being met so we set up the LGBT+ project – we never expected it to be quite so successful.

We provide specialist one-to-one, group and counselling services for LGBT+ children and young people and their families. This includes specialist trans support services.

A few years ago, we were approached by local residents who came up with the idea to run a Pride event in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. It was something we really welcomed because, as an organisation, we campaign for equality, but that hasn’t always been well received in the area.

In the first year, we all worked really hard to support project members to make the event successful. Because we were a little bit cautious, it was held in the centre of town, but in a hidden car park that people wouldn’t just walk past. We had a small amount of opposition but, on the whole, the wider community were supportive.

The following year, everyone felt they had sufficiently tested the waters locally, and could go bigger and better. So, in the second year, it was right in the heart of town and we added a parade.

It was such a monumental, historic milestone for the area considering just five years ago we had to campaign to have the rainbow flag flying at the town hall in celebration of LGBT+ History Month. To think that now, we have just hosted our third Worksop Pride is incredible. We had a lot of feedback from the community about how proud they were that this was happening in their town. Every shop on the high street had a rainbow flag in support of the day and the market traders stood in front of their stalls and cheered the parade on.

This year, our project completely led the event, organising everything and we must have had nearly 5,000 people turn up. Sometimes Pride can be misunderstood but it is about celebrating the achievements of the LGBT+ community, noting the changes that have happened in legislation and also remembering all those people who have fought for equality.

What we hear so much from young people is that Pride is the one day they know they are safe and accepted. Now, most of the legislation is in place, but it’s about changing the hearts and minds of people. We are seeing an impact in our own community and we will continue to work to change and influence those perceptions until we live in an equal society.

We not only support young people on an emotional level but also empower them to speak out about their experiences and campaign for equal rights.”

Helen Azar, project lead and resident


The Centre Place were awarded £41,922 for their ‘LGBT+ Service Nottinghamshire’ project, which is funded through the Trust’s Active Communities programme with money raised through The Health Lottery in the East Midlands.

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