A Local Conversation in Ten Streets

13 October 2016

“It’s enhancing the area, but it also means that residents can walk down the street and say hello to someone they’ve been working with – which is just a brilliant thing to see.”

We started our Local Conversation in Ten Streets, Claremont, by asking people what they wanted for their neighbourhood, to help us shape the project.

Volunteers went door-to-door to find out what people thought about their area, how well residents knew each other and how they might like to get involved in the Local Conversation.

Local Conversations in Ten Streets, Blackpool - funded by People's Health Trust . Image copyright - Blackpool Gazette

Residents felt that environmental issues were a major factor in the area. They wanted a nicer area to work, play and live – somewhere they could be really proud of.

After the steering group was set up, one of the first things they decided to do was to organise a neighbourhood clear-up.

We did four clear-ups around Ten Streets and, from that, we started talking about having safe places for children to play and having alleyways that looked better.

We started with one alleyway, which the steering group chose because it was a manageable size. Because it was the first one, they wanted to start small so it wasn’t too much for us to handle.

Letters were sent to the residents whose homes back onto the alleyway and we followed this up with face-to-face conversations with them – they were all really keen to see the alleyway in bloom. Everyone involved in our project helped and it went really well.

All sorts of stuff had been dumped there, including white goods, but we cleaned it all up and got rid of all the rubbish and weeds.

In place of the rubbish, we’ve now got 18 planters with flowers that are blooming and it looks great. From that, we were entered into 'Blackpool in Bloom' and we won an award, which is fantastic. Everyone was so chuffed.

“As a resident living in the area I want to have a say and make a difference. The alleyway project has had a huge visual impact so other residents can see something positive taking place in Claremont.” Jim Donnelly, resident

They’ve put in all this hard work, so to be acknowledged for it is an amazing thing.

We plan to do the same with some other small alleyways and then go onto larger ones that will become areas where children can play safely.

What’s amazing is that, since we’ve been working on the alleyway, there hasn’t been any fly tipping.

We’re also seeing people who live nearby starting to do a bit of gardening.

There’s hanging baskets being put up and people are turning their back gardens into little havens. It’s fantastic that all of this is happening from that small alleyway being done.

Cleaning the alleyways is just one part of a bigger project.

This is one of the first priorities that we’ve worked on and it’s really made people feel enthusiastic about carrying onwards and upwards with the rest of the Local Conversation project. It’s a slow process, but we’re certainly starting to see a difference.

It’s enhancing the area, but it also means that residents can walk down the street and say hello to someone they’ve been working with – which is just a brilliant thing to see.”

Joe Shepherd - Chief Officer


Our thanks to the Blackpool Gazette for sharing this great photograph.

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