Coalburn Miners’ Welfare Charitable Society

25 September 2017

“This has been a tough year for me and having somewhere to go and meet up and learn new skills has been a great experience.” Emma Jackson, resident

“The project started after residents  said they wanted computing courses, arts and crafts and cooking activities for children.

As well as gaining new skills, some residents felt isolated and wanted to be able to make new friends and get more involved in the community.

Everyone had different abilities and the more experienced members helped newer ones. Some members of the group have made lasting friendships and meet up outside of the project.

It was great that members of the project volunteered during the course, and others have gone on to volunteer afterwards because they have gained confidence and now feel they have the skills to do it.

They volunteer in different roles like in the heritage group and at a local charity shop – it is really great. The computer courses also helped some members of the group gain employment with the skills they had learned.”

Helen Donnelly, project co-ordinator



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