Coffee and Laughs

25 September 2017

“I had just retired and was quite lost after working as a teacher for many years. I have made some lovely friends who have supported me through illness and low times.” Elaine Harris, resident

“One of the main aims of the group is for everyone to get on with each other, whatever their background.

There are IT lessons for women, a singing group, arts and crafts and English lessons. We even go on days out together.

We are one of a few places that can offer classes with a crèche, so the mums can build their confidence while socialising.

We recently went to the Hay Festival where famous authors, scientists and artists give talks, and two members of Coffee and Laughs stood up in front of hundreds of people to tell their stories of how they left their countries to settle in Wales. It was wonderful to see how their confidence had grown.

For many of the women it’s become a big part of their lives. The friendships that are made are more important than anything else that comes out of the project, especially for the older generation. Some of them are widowed or living alone, so life can be very lonely. 

Some of the members meet up outside of the classes now and volunteer at  other events.”

Marilyn Priday, volunteer and project member


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