Cooking club for fathers and sons

19 November 2013

“Lots of dads want to spend quality time with their kids in the kitchen.”

Let’s Get Cooking’s ‘Dads and Lads’ programme has already been a big success in schools, improving confidence and encouraging men to get cooking with their kids and families. People’s Health Trust grant enabled them to extend the popular ‘Dads and Lads’ cooking clubs to even more schools.
The clubs make a long term contribution to the community because dads can pass their knowledge on, spend time with their kids and teach them how to cook. Parents and carers are also learning to use kitchen equipment and how to make sense of food labelling.
“We’d already been trying lads and dads sessions in other parts of the country and they’d all been oversubscribed – so we knew lots of dads wanted to improve their skills in the kitchen. This is about food that’s quick, easy, healthy and affordable. Maggie, Let’s Get Cooking





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