The difference the real Living Wage makes

10 November 2017

Sameea Begum, 25, is a Community Advisor for Aspire & Succeed in Lozells, Birmingham. The organisation has nine employees and became an accredited Living Wage employer two years ago.

"I have lived in Lozells all my life, and I volunteered for a number of community organisations before becoming a community adviser with Aspire & Succeed.

This is the first job I've had that pays the Living Wage and it makes such a difference - it feels good. I am proud of that and always tell my friends that my employer values me. In my previous jobs I was always keeping an eye on how I spent my money, which people should always do but sometimes it just feels good to do the little extra things with friends and family.

With that little bit extra, I can now save for the future. Now I can do more social things plus save – I don’t have to choose between one and the other, it just takes the pressure off. We come from a household where parents are paid below the minimum wage and having to be cautious all the time with money is difficult.

We help so many people in the community, and I believe we should get a fair wage - the wage we deserve. Getting paid the real living wage makes a real difference, you feel wanted and appreciated and it motivates you to do more and become better in what you do. Personally, I would love to see every family we work with earning a just amount as it makes people feel better about themselves.

Knowing you're working for a Living Wage Employer definitely boosts morale and, knowing you are getting paid what you should, makes you want to work even harder."

Sameea Begum


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