Different Visions Celebrate

25 September 2017

“We want to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues, so it was incredible for our group to be invited to march with the Trust this year. Being part of Pride in London 2017 was something that I never thought I would ever achieve in my lifetime. I still look at the photos to remind myself that I was there and part of it all. It was absolutely amazing.” Sandra McCourt, volunteer

“Some people got involved in the project because they wanted to put a stop to the discrimination the LGBT+ community face.

For others, it is about finally being able to stop pretending and be themselves; it’s about finding a place where they feel accepted.

Feeling able to help others helps us too. Not everyone feels confident talking about LGBT+ issues and there is so much ignorance and discrimination  but we have to start somewhere. 

This project gives us a chance to talk safely without fear, and reach out  to other people. It gives us the  strength and confidence to begin  to challenge attitudes.

It’s like being part of a big family. Sometimes we don’t all agree and sometimes we do, but it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that everyone listens  to everyone else. We all have a voice.”

Shaun Taylor, resident and member


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