Easthall Residents Association

13 October 2016

“The past two years have been by far the most rewarding for our community. We have seen young and old come together and create a bond.”

“Our project has focused on building relationships between young people, older people and adults with additional support needs.

“Some people felt that there was a divide between older and younger residents.

“Lots of the young people thought that older people were grumpy and, likewise, many of the older residents thought the younger people showed no respect.

“Through this project, we’ve really been able to bridge the gap between these groups with activities that help them to connect with each other.

“We started with an intergenerational group on a Saturday where some of the older people come into the community centre and put on activities to share skills like baking.

“From this, we found that some of the older people wanted the young people to teach them things like how to use a computer or a tablet.

“Older people also wanted to put on bingo night every Tuesday.

“The young people come in and manage the bingo sessions – they sell the books, do the calling and run the tuck shop.

“This has really helped to change how the older residents view their younger neighbours and it has helped the young people to feel more valued in their community.

“There are real and lasting relationships forming and this is the most positive thing to come out of the project.

“Before, more than 70 percent of older people living in the area said they felt vulnerable leaving their houses after 6pm because of the groups of young people that hang about in the street.

“Since being part of the project, people’s attitudes towards each other have completely changed.

“A spin off from the whole project has been the creation of a community garden with a play area in the middle.

“The past two years have been by far the most rewarding for our community. We have seen young and old come together and create a bond.” - Rachel McCann - Resident

“The idea is that families can use it together, grandparents and parents can come along and potter about in the garden and the children have the play area to enjoy.

“All three groups have worked on this together and it will be their lasting legacy.

“It’s in the heart of the community and the reaction it’s getting from other residents that haven’t been involved in the project, as well as visitors, is unbelievable.

“It’s something the members of the project are really proud of.

“Now everyone involved can take a step back, look at it and see that they’ve worked together as a team and created something that’s going to last forever.”

Andy Gilbert - Project Coordinator

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