Echoes Foundation

07 May 2015

Play time for young children with special needs has become more fun, thanks to new funding from People’s Health Trust. Using an investment of £41,000  - raised by HealthWin through The Health Lottery - Echoes Foundation, a Hull based charity is providing a space for young children with disabilities to play and for their families to connect and share experiences.

The investment will be used to develop their sensory room – a special room that allows children with a disability to play whilst developing their senses through lighting, music and objects.  Other activities will include hydrotherapy sessions at the local swimming pool. There is also a toy library where families can borrow bubble tubes, star projectors and fibre optic stands for their children – items that are typically much more expensive than mainstream toys.

Through these resources, parents and carers of disabled children can share experiences with each other: what works well, what doesn’t, how they manage situations and find practical solutions for shared challenges.

“The families we support are a community in themselves and use our services to support each other” said Trustee Simon Berry. “Having a disabled child can be very isolating and families have told us that they feel very alone. It is invaluable to them to network together and share ideas and support one another as they have this common bond. Not only are we supporting the members by bringing them together but we are also raising awareness of disability within our local area.”


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