Face 2 Face - Anna's story

07 August 2014

Face 2 Face, a project run by Scope that supports parents of disabled children to become volunteer ‘befrienders’ for other parents of disabled children, has recently launched in Oxford.

Thanks to funding from People’s Health Trust – using money raised by HealthStrong through The Health Lottery - Face 2 Face befrienders will be on hand to speak to other parents of disabled children to offer friendship and guidance. With training from Scope, they will offer emotional support, and be ready to point parents in the direction of extra help.

Anna Hinton, the group’s organiser, has a seven-year-old disabled daughter, Scarlett, as well as two-year-old Heidi, who is not disabled. Anna said: “The funding of Face 2 Face has helped to set up a much needed service in Oxford, and we are delighted to see it taking shape.

“Face 2 Face offers something really special, as parents of disabled children can be emotionally supported by other parents who have been in a similar situation, supporting them through the worrying and confusing experience of having a child newly diagnosed with additional support needs.”

The county-wide service will not only offer group meetings but also the opportunity to make home visits for people who cannot easily leave the house.

Mum-of-six, Lucie Taylor, has two disabled children aged 12 and five, will be one of the new befrienders in Oxford. Lucie said: “It can be very isolating. Even though I have a brilliant husband, it is nice to have someone else you can talk to who has been in the same position.

“It can be very daunting having children with disabilities, especially when you are in limbo waiting for a diagnosis, because you can’t find a support group and nobody else really understands.

“If I can help another person I will feel like I have learnt something from my experiences.”

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