Feeling good on Verdon Street

04 June 2015

“On Verdon Street we come from lots of different communities – I live next door to people from Yemen on one side and Somalia on the other. It’s very diverse. Before the weekly sessions started, we were friendly, but we didn’t really mix beyond saying hello. Now we have a space to meet up and we have become friends – we feel like a community.”

Local women from Burngreave Tenants' and Residents' Association on Verdon Street, Burngreave didn’t feel connected to their neighbours and wanted a space to meet and get to know each other better, so they decided to do something about it. They were awarded £32,000 from People’s Health Trust, using money raised by HealthRich through The Health Lottery, so that they could set up weekly drop in sessions where they could meet, chat and try out different activities. Activities on offer so far have included crafts, sewing, badminton and Zumba.  

Participants also have the opportunity to volunteer their time to help with the running of the project. One participant said:

“I’ve been volunteering for Feeling Good on Verdon Street for the past six months, helping to organise the activities and spread the word to others about what we have to offer. Being part of this group and shaping its direction has really helped me to build confidence and learn new skills.”

But above all, the project has allowed local women to form friendships and feel more empowered, as Project Co-ordinator, Aislinn Adams explained:

“Numerous friendships have developed during these sessions and the women are now more confident and trying new activities. Some have offered their skills to teach others. It has become a very relaxed friendly group, sharing stories and experiences.” 


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