The Glendale Women’s Café

06 September 2018

"The café is a place to have more than a cup of tea – it’s a place which is open and welcoming, and where members can gather, learn, socialise and be inspired."

The Glendale Women’s Café provides a free and welcoming community space for women in Pollokshields, Glasgow. In this piece, Nicola Godsal, the project coordinator talks about where the idea came from and the group’s achievements. 

“Parents from a local primary school came together with the idea to create a cross cultural group to share connections and meet regularly.

The group kept growing and then, in 2014, we got our first grant from People’s Health Trust. 

Now, the group get together weekly and the idea is to offer a warm and welcoming place for all women in our community to come together, learn new skills, get involved in what is happening locally.

The café is a place to have more than a cup of tea – it’s a place which is open and welcoming, and where members can gather, learn, socialise and be inspired.

Activities are tailored by what members are interested in and want to do and we run through the school year because that is what the women wanted. 

We have had a host of activities so far, including art workshops, English classes, cooking workshops, crochet and jewellery making, wellbeing sessions, first aid classes. 

The sessions have been a really great place for women in the community to meet and make new friends – we can have up to 60 people come through the café in a day.

In March, we held an event called ‘Celebrate’ which the members organised. Women across Pollokshields came along to find out what they can do to get involved, and we had an evening meal which everyone seemed to enjoy. We also showcased a book of poems about the women of Pollokshields. 

We sold 60 tickets in a day – it was a really great day. 

Some of the women have benefitted hugely by being involved. One woman, who was interested in art as a young person but then got married and had a family and didn’t act on the interest. Through being involved with the café, she has become more confident and now she has even delivered art workshops to the community. Everyone is really proud of her.

The women involved have become more confident and empowered to contribute to the project design, delivery and development.

We hold a workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon, and then have lunch so people can take part as and when they want to.”


Glendale Women’s Café is funded by the Trust with money raised through The Health Lottery. 

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