Hamworthy Money Advice Project

06 November 2014

“Our steering group is made up of local people, and they give us a great deal of input. This is a community project, and we want to help bring banking on our terms back to the heart of the community.” Kathryn

“Local people were often asking for help from the traps of loan sharks and doorstep lenders. We were hearing more and more about the problems people faced, and people wanted an alternative.”

Residents of Turlin Moor and Hamworthy have a great money advice service that offers help to those experiencing financial difficulties. However, it was when they considered how people could escape the problems of debt in the first place that they decided to apply for funding from People’s Health Trust to set up a new credit union. 

Having a credit union in the heart of the community, alongside the money advice project is offering local people easy access to fair banking and credit facilities that are in the community’s best interest - creating greater financial stability and self-confidence.


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