Hillingdon Asian Women's Group

04 February 2015

“I was lonely and depressed. I could not go out. The project gave me confidence, so I joined the knitting, crochet & embroidery workshop. Attending these workshops let me forget the stress and anxiety I was feeling, and encouraged me to think positively and creatively.”

Asian women in Botwell, Greater London, were feeling isolated. Cultural and language barriers, coupled with low self-esteem, meant that many women were reluctant to leave their homes.

Using funding from People’s Health Trust, with money raised by HealthEquality through The Health Lottery, the women joined Hillingdon Asian Women’s Group and began planning a series of workshops and events – breaking the cycle of isolation, and helping themselves to build valuable connections in the community, make new friends, and access new skills.

A local woman attending the sessions said: “I feel happy, confident and less stressed after attending the workshops. I am able to interact in a positive manner at home, and with new friends.

“I love embroidery and have learned valuable creative skills that have kept me busy and helped me relax. I made my beautiful dresses, and I have learnt so many stitches!”

Hillingdon Asian Women’s Group is helping to deliver the workshops for women from black and minority ethnic and refugee backgrounds from Botwell. Alongside the workshops and events, the organisation is providing one-to-one advice, and receiving support from women in the group with translation – helping those that don’t speak English understand the workshops and access help and advice.

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