Hindpool community DARE to DANCE

20 November 2013

“I’ve seen all kinds of benefits; she loves the social side as well as the dancing. Bringing her here has also helped me meet other parents and have a social life.”

Yvonne McGill’s daughter Corinne, aged 7, has been attending DARE DANCE classes twice a week. Her mum says it has made her more outgoing, mobile and she’s made more friends in the local community. DARE DANCE is a dynamic dance programme that brings together families and communities, teaching a range of skills, ideas and dance forms to challenge the ideas of ‘what is dancing’ and ‘who can dance.’

People’s Health Trust funding enabled DARE DANCE to launch their project Healthy Body Healthy Mind, offering classes to local families at a heavily subsidized price of £1.20. They invited professional dancers from all over the world to deliver inspiring dance workshops, broadening young people’s awareness of other countries, cultures and dance forms.

“The most satisfying part is when you see how happy the children are dancing and, as a result, how happy their parents are knowing that they are able to give this to their children.” Amanda, Director, DARE DANCE





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