Islington Somali Community

25 September 2017

“My favourite part of the project is being able to share stories and meet lots of people. It is very special. It makes me smile and feel part of the community.” Habiba, resident

"Men and women gather together and we talk about any issues we have and socialise. In the beginning, people were shy and didn’t talk much, but now we share everything.

We meet twice a week to share news  and chat about things that are concerning us. There are volunteers that can help if we need practical support, like booking medical appointments, because we don’t all speak English.

Most of us live alone, so it’s really important to us. We talk about our experiences, challenges we’re facing,  how we’re feeling, and then we can  move on. The project helps me emotionally. I feel happy being part of  the group. It is a very supportive place.

I have made friends and feel happier for coming and seeing new faces. Without the project I would be at home, stuck  in bed worrying all the time – but here,  I get support.”

Ali Jibril, resident and member



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