Junior Rock in Immingham - Emmy's story

02 July 2014

People’s Health Trust has invested £16,418 in One Voice, using money raised by HealthWin through The Health Lottery, to run Junior Rock - a weekly rock school for young people.

Emmy was 14 when she first discovered Rock School in 2008. She was a very shy young woman who lacked confidence. She didn’t have many friends at school and was affected by low self-esteem.

She had seen an advert locally for a summer ‘Rock School’ workshop and took a leap of faith to go along. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to attend the weekly rock school session which was held in the local youth centre.

Emmy began to develop her love for music, but despite her newfound interest, she still remained a quiet and lacking in confidence.

It was noticed by Youth workers that Emmy was struggling to cope with her emotions, and was acting out of character.

Elaine (the Chair of Junior Rock – then a Youth Worker at the centre) spoke with her and discovered she was struggling to deal with the breakdown of her parents’ relationship. It was suggested Emmy focussed on her passion for music to help her to deal with her emotions she was encouraged to start writing songs/music to help her deal with her emotions.

She tried it and felt that it really helped. Things began to change for Emmy.

"I think it’s important to give children the opportunity to express themselves through music because academic is not always the way for young people. It just brings them to life and it helps them to actually find themselves, instead of being lost in the World – you know, where everybody’s telling you who you should be." Elaine Norton - Chair, One Voice.

Over time, Emmy began to enjoy singing and she developed strong friendships with her peers. She became increasingly involved in the group activities actively, encouraging and supporting others.

She started to learn other instruments like bass and drums. She began to learn technical skills involved in setting up equipment and helped to plan community events

Emmy's been going along almost every week for five years now.

At 18, she says her confidence and self-esteem has hugely improved. She is now a Volunteer and a Peer Mentor for the younger children attending Junior Rock, transferring her musical skills and knowledge to them, and she thinks it helps that she’s been where they are - knowing just how scary it is that first time you go along. She understands what they’re going through and helps them to settle in.

By attending the project, Emmy has made loads of new friends who live locally, and has met like-minded people. Emmy says that being involved with the project has made a huge difference to her life. She says that she wouldn’t be where she is today without it.

"Being on stage and singing, learning how to play different instruments, it’s just a good confidence- builder because it’s like, I never thought I’d be able to do that but, now I can. And look where I’ve come in five years. I never thought I would be able to do something like that." Emmy

Emmy studied music at school and is hoping to study BA Hons in Creative Music in Grimsby and become a session musician one day.

See a film about Junior Rock here.

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