A just wage at Justice Prince

10 November 2017

Justice Prince CIC was created in 2010, founded by two sisters Karen Clark and Julie Cruddas. They are an accredited Living Wage employer, with nine employees.

“When we became accredited we were so excited. We work on an estate where people hadn’t really heard of the real Living Wage. We hear from so many residents who are on zero-hour contracts and are just happy to be receiving the minimum wage.

We know that receiving the minimum wage doesn’t give you the quality of life. People are working really hard but still having to rely on benefits as well as employment and feel like they have no control.

We are committed to tackling social and economic inequalities. Empowerment is central to the organisation's core values, supporting local people to take control is rooted in the ethics of everything we do.

That’s why it was so important to us to pay the real Living Wage. It makes a difference to quality of life – it means you can plan for the future, and do things you couldn’t do on the minimum wage.

We always strived to pay a minimum of a living wage but are heavily reliant on funders to support that aspiration which wasn't always forthcoming.

Funding from People’s Health Trust has helped us to increase wages of three employees, making a massive difference to the quality of their lives by removing a dependency on benefit top ups.

The best thing about it is being able to pay local people a real Living Wage. We have been able to create opportunities for local people who we know have lots to offer. They might not have a degree but we recognise the value of people’s knowledge and experience.

Now, we shout about the Living Wage. We want everyone to know about it and to encourage more organisations to become accredited.”

Julie Cruddas


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