LS14 Trust

06 November 2014

“Estates like Seacroft have got a bad reputation over the years. They’ve become run down and lost their sense of pride. This market is our opportunity to promote a new sense of pride, with new opportunities for local people – socially and economically."

“We had an old market on the estate many years ago. In the last few years there have been lots of people talking about the sadness of losing it and how we could maybe bring it back to the estate, and thanks to this funding, we’re doing it with help from volunteers in the community. I think volunteering is a great way to build up confidence, and to get practical things on your CV. And it just shows that you’re dedicated and you’re willing to do something and give something back.” Nicola Greenan

The local community, working with Leeds 14 Trust, set up the monthly Seacroft Food and Boot Market. It’s run by local people and sells all kinds of goods, both locally sourced and affordable. The market also provides a real opportunity for local people to learn and use new skills, gain practical qualifications, and, crucially, build strong relationships in the community.


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