A Local Conversation in Haverhill

13 October 2016

“Change takes time and there have been some challenges along the way, but the project is really picking up pace and making a difference.”

“We want all residents to be involved with our Local Conversation project, so when we first started, the Haverhill South People’s Forum spoke to the wider community to see what they wanted for their local area.

The overwhelming response was that local people were looking for activities that would help to improve their health and wellbeing, as well as developing local play facilities for young people, and to create a sensory garden. 

The suggestion for the BMX pump track came from talking to residents. Then, using the skill set of members of the Haverhill South’s People’s Forum, we were able to develop the idea.

A lot of young people supported the idea because they wanted something active to do in the area.

At the moment, there are Skate Park provisions in the north of the town, there are other activities for young people in other wards in the town, but within the south ward there is a gap in provisions, so the BMX pump track will be very beneficial.

As the project progresses, residents will be involved in all aspects of the project, from the design of the track, to its upkeep and getting involved in user groups. There will be plenty of opportunities for everybody in the community to get involved. 

“The next two to three months will be very exciting. Through the Community Chest, the Haverhill People’s Forum has helped local residents and community groups to access vital funding to bring their projects and ideas to fruition.” Darren Foreman, Resident

Above - the site now


Above -  Baddow Hall Pump Track, a Chelmsford Borough Council project - helping to shape our plans for our own BMX pump track

This is a great way of bringing all ages together. It’s not just a project for young people, it’s for everyone. The project has been well-received by both local residents and organisations. Currently we are working collaboratively with partners to finalise the lease agreement and have full support of the land owner St Edmundsbury Borough Council, Haverhill Community Trust and Haverhill Cycling Club, there’s a real interest in taking the project forward.

Another part of our Local Conversation project is the Community Chest. This was an opportunity for local voluntary organisations and projects to apply for grants of up to £5,000. The Haverhill South People’s Forum successfully awarded 11 grants which totalled £24,900. 

The Community Chest has allowed the People’s Forum to help local projects to really gain momentum and take their activities forward which is a huge boost to the community. Change takes time and there have been some challenges along the way, but the project is really picking up pace and making a difference.”

Jon Eaton - VCSE Locality Officer at Community Action Suffolk


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