Local People project in Swansea

06 November 2019

“We’ve been really affected here by cuts to services, including to youth services. For some young people, it’s a case of having somewhere to go that’s safe and warm. We are working together and engaging with local decision-makers to address issues that affect our health and wellbeing.”

Leanne Dower, Local People Swansea project lead

“Townhill, Swansea is considered to be an area experiencing disadvantage – there are many vulnerable residents and a lot of people live in isolation. 

I have been involved with the project since the start. For me, it is an opportunity to try and combat the issues that we as a community are facing. 

Together, we decided on the priorities we wanted to focus on, including improving communication across the neighbourhood and across social groups; and organising more community activities. We now have regular activities including a youth club and curry and quiz night for older residents. 

The youth group has really flourished and it’s been incredible to watch them grow in confidence and gain skills that will help them through to adulthood. Our local Police Community Support Officers have also come to the youth group to engage with young people and build trust. 

"We are raising awareness of the issues we are facing and bringing the community together. We have done so much including reducing antisocial behaviour by providing activities for young people and working towards renovating the local park."

Katie Begley, project member 

Local People project in Swansea

We have councillors who come to meetings so we can discuss issues we have around housing, pollution or anything else. It helps to have council support when we are trying to make changes in the community. 

For me, the project is about unity and respect; it’s about listening to others and making sure we have a voice. It’s about bringing people together to improve the community and make sure everyone is engaged. 

The project has had a huge impact on me, it has improved my outlook on life. It’s given me confidence and self-belief; we are building a sense of pride within the community. 

As time passes, people are becoming more involved and taking ownership of the local area – it has created a sense of empowerment and optimism that we can change things.” 

Sarah Jenkins, Steering Group member 

The Local People project in Swansea is supported by Youth Sport Trust and funded by the Trust using money raised by Health Lottery Wales.  The Local People programme is a People’s Health Trust initiative which involves supporting residents to develop a shared vision for their community and take action on the issues that matter most to local people. 


This case study was produced as part of People's Health Trust's 2019 Annual Review. To read it in full, click here.

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