Made in Tredegar

03 November 2014

“Made in Tredegar is based on a straightforward idea: the best people to tell a story, raise an issue or to take part in a debate are those directly involved – so that’s exactly what we’re doing.” Jane

“There’s no town left any more. The community seems to have gone, and nobody seems to care. I don’t even think the council cares, to be honest. There’s a perfect spot down the road where they could put a supermarket to try and bring some life. I know it’s only a supermarket, but at least people might get out and walk around town.” Jim Haywood, local resident

People from Tredegar, Wales, felt that they didn’t have the opportunity to raise their concerns about where they live. They wanted a voice, and they wanted to be heard.

They approached People’s Health Trust for funding to support them to set up a film-making project which would allow them to make films together about where they live.

The films are intended to inform local and regional decision-makers about how the local community feels, and, more importantly, to give local people the opportunity to be involved in debates about the future of the area.

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