Making a Difference in Tameside

18 November 2013

“Encouraging people to live more confidently and independently, engaging in their local community.”

Making a Difference Tameside is a mental health charity run by local volunteers that provides essential life skills training and support for adults who have experienced or are recovering from mental health problems. The project aims to increase confidence, reduce social isolation and improve both physical and mental health through regular inclusive structured activities.

“People with mental health problems can feel isolated, often lacking confidence and self-esteem, which can lead to them becoming detached from society – which only makes things worse. We support people to regain and learn skills, make friends, become more active, more confident and more connected with their local community. Janice, Making A Difference Tameside

Encouraging peer support, they provide a range of learning activities to regain and develop social and life skills that will help people live more confidently and independently, engaging in their local community. People’s Health Trust funding enables the charity to extend their support in the area.


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