Making friends

05 May 2016

"I can face life with a positive attitude and I've begun to feel happy and content. I look forward to coming to these activities and sharing laughter."

Older people in Walthamstow are getting involved with a friendship hub thanks to funding from People’s Health Trust.

Waltham Forest Asian Seniors’ Club (WFASC) has received more than £72,000 from People’s Health Trust, using money raised by HealthLives through The Health Lottery.

“We’re a group of older residents living in and around Shernhall Street, Walthamstow who believe it’s really important for residents to have the opportunity to get involved in their local community. In 1993 we set up Waltham Forest Asian Seniors’ Club (WFASC) because, as people get older, it’s easy for residents to start feeling isolated.

“Our doors are open to anyone and our group is constantly growing. This helps to build a close-knit community where people provide guidance and support and discuss services and how to make their voices heard. We also work in collaboration with other charities and organisations like Significant Seams, William Morris Gallery, Shernhall Methodist Church, V&A Museum. These partnerships mean members can easily access information that might be useful, and it also helps when organising fun events and days out.  

“Now, thanks to investment from People’s Health Trust, we’ve launched our over 50s Friendship Hub. The project gives residents a place to meet, chat and make new friends. There is also an opportunity to take part in arts and crafts and relaxation and meditation sessions.

“Members are developing lasting friendships, offering each other support and building their confidence. They play a key role in shaping the project and there is a focus group which meets every six months to review the activities and present new ideas.

“One of our members, Zaibun Mahi, said:

‘I share my art work with my granddaughter. I love exchanging knowledge and sharing creative ideas with her. The art course has given me a link to talk about with her, in other words it's helping me build a healthy relationship with her.

‘This project provides a creative outlet for me to channel my interests. My daughter is an artist herself and can completely understand and share my creations. She feels proud and is extremely happy to see me come back to life through these activities.

‘Painting and craft can be a relaxing way to get away from the loneliness, depression and tension that I feel after my husband passed away. I can face life with a positive attitude and I have begun to feel happy and content. I look forward to coming to these activities and share laughter and life and stay healthy.’

“We’re always happy to welcome new members to WFASC so, to raise awareness of our activities we’re holding a funfair for the whole community in the summer.

“We’re always happy to welcome new members. If you would like to get involved, email [email protected]  or visit .”


Khudeja Razi, Project Coordinator, WFASC

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