Music for People

06 November 2014

“It’s great spending time with different people and learning new things.”

“We all meet up once a week for a sing and it’s great. As we got to know each other better, we started talking together about different things, and realised that many of us had trouble sleeping and were feeling worried and anxious a lot. Living with a disability can be difficult, and we decided that as well as singing, meditation might help.”

Music for People is a local organisation run by volunteers. Using funding from People’s Health Trust, they are now delivering meditation sessions for older people in the community. 

“The meditation classes have helped me with my sleep, but they’ve also improved my social life. It’s great spending time with different people and learning new things.

“It’s part of our routine, and means something to depend on or look forward to. Not simply to be part of the class, but to meet regularly with friends and share experiences, which is a vital part of your well-being.

“Whether you have a disability or not, meditation is helping us all to improve things ourselves, and gain some positive control over our lives.” Martin


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