Neath Port Talbot CVS

25 September 2017

“A number of generations rely on these buildings – from older people to young mums. It would be devastating if they were lost. There’s a great element of fun and enjoyment that goes on here; I always leave feeling better about myself.” Resident

“The Upper Afan Valley is a vibrant community and highly active, but the area has experienced significant difficulties after a history of industries withdrawing from the area.

It has left residents feeling frustrated  and lacking control, which is why the Local Conversations programme is  so important to us.

It places local people at the heart of local plans – it’s not about a quick fix, it’s about looking to the future and affecting change that will last. It has been a great support for the area, and after a lengthy engagement process, we came up with our priorities for the community.

One of the priorities is to support anchor organisations to develop sustainable community facilities and the project has part-funded the running costs for three community hubs, which has contributed to them staying open and allowed them to continue delivering a range of community activities.

With support, the hubs have been able to expand their work, including setting up more activities, coffee mornings, and a Meals on Wheels service. The hubs are a lifeline to the community, and the funding has meant that other community groups also have a base to meet up and continue their activities.

As well as giving residents a stronger voice, the project allows them to use their skills, experience and wisdom to think about making real and sustainable long-term change.”

Paul Stepczak, project worker


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