New skills, new friends

08 September 2016

Homeless people in Boston, Lincolnshire are meeting regularly to learn new skills and make friends at a furniture renovation project.

Elizabeth Hopkins, Chief Executive of Centrepoint Outreach, explains how beneficial the project has been to participants, and outlines their plans for a sustainable future.

“In 2014, we were fortunate to receive funding from People’s Health Trust, using money raised by HealthComplete through The Health Lottery, to establish a furniture renovation project for homeless people concentrating on two areas of Boston.

“The project sessions take place two or three times a week at Fenside Community Centre and, since the project started, 77 homeless people have taken part.

“In fact, many of the regular participants have formed close friendships with people they have met through the project.”

One participant noted just how important this was.

“When I became homeless I was struggling to stay positive. I knew I had to stay positive and the project gave me something to look forward to. As a result of attending the project I have not only learnt new skills, but have also made new friends.”

Elizabeth continued, “The renovated furniture was initially given out to people in need in the areas covered by the project but, latterly, some pieces have been sold in our charity shop where they have proven popular.

“Although the funding for the project ended in mid-August, we are hopeful that we will be able to continue the project in a broadly similar format, and that by increasing sales of renovated furniture in the shop, it will become partially self-funding.”

To learn more about Centrepoint Outreach, you can connect with them both on Facebook and their website.

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