Penparcau Community Forum

31 October 2018

“Since the beginning of the project, residents have had a clear idea of what they wanted to see in their community. We know that change takes time, and it has been wonderful to see people grow in confidence and gain new skills to really take ownership of the project.”

“For the last three years, we have been creating floats and joining Aberystwyth Town Council’s Carnival. Last year, there were only four floats and three of them were ours.

Afterwards, we all reflected on Penparcau’s own carnival, which used to run in the 70s and 80s. There was a lot of interest in the town to resurrect it so we decided to hold our own walking carnival.

A lot of work went into planning the carnival by local people and it was so worth it. Thousands of people came out on the day. We had competitions, our local MP attended and we had performances from local bands and choirs.

It was such a success that it is already in the calendar for next year. It helps to create a more positive identity for Penparcau, which hasn’t always had the best reputation. It shows the power of community and that is the best part.

I think that the building of the community centre has also helped to build Penparcau back up. Not only has it created a base for local people to meet and get more involved in community life, but we have created volunteering opportunities where people are learning new skills and gaining qualifications.

The carnival is just one element of our project, which is part of a bigger, long-term programme. We are making a difference and creating positive outcomes. Without this funding and support, that would be a lot harder.”

Bryn Jones, Forum Coordinator


Penparcau Community Forum were awarded £80,000 in 2017-18 to support the Local Conversation in Penparcau, with money raised through The Health Lottery in Wales.

Through the Local Conversations programme, residents use their skills and wisdom to develop a shared vision for their community. Over a number of years, they take control of the design, development and delivery of local change. By ensuring that control is in the hands of residents, the programme works to address the underlying structural causes of health inequalities.

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