Penparcau Community Forum - Local Conversation in Penparcau

20 November 2015

“Before the youth forum there was nothing for young people to do in Penparcau. We had the park but that was about it. Now we’ve got the opportunity to meet other groups of people and make friends with people that we wouldn’t have met without the forum.”

Members of the Penparcau Local Conversation youth forum

“I think sometimes young people don’t really get involved with community projects because nobody reaches out to us to get us involved - but the Local Conversation is different. The youth forum gives young people in the area the opportunity to have a say in where money goes and we help give out some of the funding. It’s quite a lot of responsibility and it’s a bit scary but it’s really exciting to be involved in those decisions.

"Having a say in what the money is used for really makes you feel part of the whole project and I feel like my opinion matters which is great. When I grow up I want to join the adult’s forum.”

Sophie May

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