Residents in Rawmarsh get active

18 November 2013

“The group don’t realise how far they have walked as they are busy chatting with new friends!”

Rawmarsh Get Active was launched in October 2013. The weekly walking group is becoming more popular each week, and gives local people the opportunity to explore the area with a walk leader. Local people also get the opportunity to walk routes that they maybe wouldn’t take on their own.

Local people and volunteers are at the heart of the project engaging directly with the people of Rawmarsh and creating an informal, yet well organised range of activities. The walking group find they are so busy chatting with new friends that they don’t seem to realize how far they’ve walked!

“I am thrilled that we were successful in obtaining this grant. It will bring local people together and we hope many new friendships will be built.” Nicola, Project Development Worker


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