Dipak's story

03 April 2014

A group of local people from Riverside, Cardiff are becoming more confident and making new friends by giving some of their free time to a community project that everyone can enjoy.

Thanks to new investment of £25,000 from People’s Health Trust, using money raised by HealthControl through The Health Lottery, local people are meeting up and learning how to grow fresh produce – and then sharing their skills with local people through community events and workshops.

Dipak, a volunteer at Riverside Community Garden, said:  
“I have depression and anxiety, and when I first started going to the garden, I was looking for a nice stress free environment. That’s exactly what I found at Riverside Community Garden.

“I met like-minded people, found I had more energy to be active, and also got some sunshine! The garden has really helped with my anxiety.

“We have a cup of tea, sit and chat, and work in the garden – learning how to grow fresh produce organically and sustainably. We also get to share our personal life experiences at the gardens - be it carpentry, gardening, or whatever!

“It really takes your mind off your problems, allowing you to leave them at home and enjoy this sanctuary. I used to find it difficult to talk to people, but since I’ve been volunteering at the garden, I’ve made new friends, and seen a real boost in my confidence and my health.”

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